*The move to the new server is complete* (9/17/06)

The move to the new server has been completed. Please contact us if you come across any errors.


*New Site Owner* (6/27/06)

Effective since 12:00 AM today, at the start of June 27th, this website has a new owner. The MastaChief that you all have known mysteriously disappeared, and has been replaced with an older and more capable website owner. This new owner promises to keep running the website just like the old MastaChief did so none of you realize that anything even happened. He will also make similar posts in the message boards that the old MC would have made. We are sorry to bring this news, but everybody must age and it was an unavoidable situation.

In case any of you reading this hasn't figured out yet, today is my birthday. I did not really disappear, but instead turned 45. Minus 30, of course.

Also, to any of you who are horrible at math, the above equation turns out to be 15.

I hope you all enjoy the "new" me, even though not much has changed.

If you have not gotten me a gift, your IP will be banned from this site. You have until 6:00 PM EST on June 28th to have the gifts arrive in my e-mail. I will take gift certificates for EB Games among other places that sell electronics or games.

Just kidding.

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*The Big Hail Storm of '06* (5/14/06)

No, this is not Halo related what-so-ever. Sue me!

Not too long ago I had an incredible hail storm. The ice was about the size of a quarter when not melted, which is obviously quite big. And I come to you bearing pictures!

Follow the link below for those pictures. Each one is about 500 KB.

Hail Storm '06 Pictures

Well, that's all for now. It is starting up again outside as I type this, so I may get to see more!


*Avatars, Video Ideas and News Naming, Oh my!* (5/12/06)

Tired of reading boring text? Download a voice clip of the update instead!

Don't you think it makes sense to name the news? Well, for some reason I did not think of doing it until now. So, from this point on the news shall be named! Anyway, on with the actual news:

The forums have been updated since the last post with a new avatar gallery! Go to your profile and scroll all the way down. Click "Show Gallery" and make sure the gallery "Halo" is selected. Press go, and you will see a bunch of awesome avatars. About 75, I believe. I am adding more every day, so keep checking back. I am going to make more categories such as enemies, weapons, etc. once I get enough collected.

In other news, I have came up with a video idea for another skit. I told Kyleman my idea and he liked it, so that will probably be the next video we do. If all goes well with ideas and writing a script, we will start recording in a couple of weeks. I will post a bit of information about the video if it absolutely gets a green light.

For you people that check out each page on this site often, you may notice that the background images changed. I re-did them all while my darkness in Halo was turned down, so the text you are reading right now will show up a bit better and be more readable.

Oh, and before I get an e-mail or PM on the forums saying "Omg!! how did you get rid off the cross-hair on the Home Page Background???", I used Paint Shop Pro to fill in the spots where it was to get rid of it. So, it had nothing to do with modding Halo. Also, I may edit these backgrounds in the future again and try to remove the HUD completely, but that's a MUCH bigger job and I am not sure if I will be able to pull it off. But, I guess we'll see, won't we?

Finally, you can go here to comment on this news post. And if you do not make at least one post within two days, you will be permanently banned from this site! Aha, just kidding! Did I get you? Don't lie, you know I did...


Have questions? Comments? E-mail mike@halorevealed.com with 'em!


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